Sea Moss by RJ is a business rooted in family values and personal experiences. The company was founded by Robbie and Ray, with RJ being their son. Robbie, raised in a Caribbean household in Baltimore, MD and currently residing in Atlanta, GA, embarked on a sea moss journey to alleviate RJ's asthma symptoms, including wheezing and mucus build-up. When Robbie introduced sea moss gel to RJ's daily routine, his asthma flares subsided, and his eczema started clearing up as well. Inspired by these positive changes, Robbie also began using sea moss to support her weight loss journey after experiencing pre-eclampsia. Sea moss proved to be a game-changer, boosting her metabolism and energy levels. Witnessing the transformative effects of sea moss in their own lives, Robbie and Ray felt compelled to share its benefits with others. Hence, Sea Moss by RJ was born, driven by the belief that this natural remedy was too remarkable to keep a secret.