Sea Moss by RJ is a family-run and operated business. RJ is the son of Robbie and Ray. Robbie was raised in a Caribbean household in Baltimore, MD but currently resides in Atlanta, GA. They started their sea moss journey by wanting to help alleviate RJ’s asthma symptoms such as wheezing and mucus build-up. When Robbie started giving RJ sea moss gel he no longer had asthma flairs. As a result of consuming sea moss daily, RJ no longer needed to use his inhaler and his eczema started to clear up as well. Robbie also started to use sea moss to aid in her weight loss journey after suffering from pre-eclampsia. It helped boost her metabolism and increase her energy. After seeing how sea moss changed their lives they knew they had to share the benefits of sea moss with others. Then boom, Sea Moss by RJ was created. It was just too good to keep a secret.